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Experienced Drilling

Well Drilling Services
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Water wells.
For all your irrigation, farm, lifestyle property or community water supply needs.

For installation of new water wells for your lifestyle block, home supply or farm irrigation call us.  We are a locally owned and operated Canterbury drilling company with over 20 years experience in the drilling industry.

Test Pumping Water Wells

Development and Test Pumping of Existing Wells

Having trouble with your exsting water supply?  Call us, we can help.

DR 24 Rig

Drilling Projects 

The Hydrill team have successfully completed numerous municipal supply bores for local and district councils.

If you have a drilling project you would like to discuss, give us a call.  See what our professional and efficient team can do for you.

Member of the New Zealand Drillers Federation.

Gallery or Water Intake Installations

Secure your water supply. 

We are working with clients to ensure that they have consistent and secure water supplies.  Installation of compliant water intakes and galleries.  

Existing set up not producing? Upgrading your existing gallery may be an option.  

Contact us.  

Water Intake

Well Redevelopment

Maintenance of your well is key to ensuring good productivity and water quality, not to mention prolonging the life of your pumps.  

If you are finding that your well is not producing as it once was or the water quality has declined - rust scale build up could be a factor and it may be time to have your well redeveloped.  

Image of Rusty Riser Pipe
Pumping Water



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Phone:  027 222 1587

Health and Safety

ECAN Approved Bore Installers

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